Anal Envy: Nothing Stopping Us Now Part 3
Kostenlose Preview
It's been a trying day as Jessica and Carlo Someone return from a funeral. Jessica's sibling, who was also Carlo's best friend, has recently passed and they're both still coming to terms with their grief. But as they grieve, a new emotion simmers beneath the surface: yearning. Jessica and Carlo have always had a thing for each other but Jessica's sibling never approved of them even THINKING of getting together. Although they both know it was just Jessica's sibling being overprotective, it always left them wanting each other even more. Now there's no one standing in the way of them being together, although they both feel guilty about having these lustful, selfish thoughts so soon after the funeral. But it seems like they don't feel guilty enough since they soon dive in for a passionate kiss, realizing more than ever that they have to live their lives without regret. The atmosphere quickly changes from somber to steamy as they sensually undress each other, eagerly taking turns sucking each other's dicks. When Carlo sinks his dick inside of Jessica's tight ass, they wrap their arms around each other and lock lips once again. They happily surrender to the heat of the moment, since they know that they'll have to face reality once again soon enough.

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